“No Breasts, No Requests” isn’t necessarily my policy as a dj, but a quote from one of the first signs I found and posted. Plus it’s a whole lot more provocative than a boner-killing name such as “dj notes”. I actually appreciate requests, if they are in the vibe of the night and my set. Part of our job is to play what people want, and requests are a direct line to my peeps on the dancefloor. Britney Spears once requested from me and my dj partner to “play some Madonna or old-school MJ”. We were happy to play some MJ.

This blog is a collection of not only requests, but also signs and notes that I have found around the dj booth at the clubs or bars over the years. But mostly found on the internet, here on tumblr, or submitted by friends and fellow djs. 
If you’d like to submit a photo, please make sure it’s (a) fascinating, (b) found in or around the dj booth, (c) isn’t on my site already, and (d) doesn’t suck. If the answer is a resounding “fuck yeah!” to all of the above… SEND THEM HERE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! This blog is turning into an almost ALL user-submitted site thanks to you guys. You rule! 
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