I go by the name of Mick Fiction. I’ve been a DJ in Los Angeles for over 10 years. I am one-half of the remix/DJ duo, Slash Fiction. We are currently signed to Chicago’s Sleazetone RecordsCollectively, we have unleashed dancefloor destruction at many of LA’s clubs, parties, raves and fashion shows and are the resident DJ’s at Full Frontal Disco. We have remixed everyone from Peaches to We Are The World, and our mixes have been broadcast on radio stations such as KCRW and Indie 103. I was formally the guitar player for electro goth-rockers Dirty Sanchez and Spanking Machine. And I am currently a Creative Director at 72andSunny. To find out more about this blog, click here. Follow me on twitter @mick_fictionThanxxx!

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